Robert Clifton Russell

Resided in Powers, Michigan
Died January 29th, 2019

Robert Clifton  Russell


Military man, Ministry Man,

Mechanical Man, God’s Man

Bob Russell was born on April 5, 1933, the 4th of seven children.   He is survived by children Jan Russell & Kevin, Ginger Christmas, Jerry Russell & Chrissy, Jeff Russell & Jossy, a sister, Annette Rummel, a brother, William (Bill) Russell, sisters and brothers-in-law, many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Military Man

He enlisted in the Army right after high school. He qualified as a marksman and took charge in the Army kitchen cooking for thousands and feeding troops. The Army changed his life. He learned discipline there. He was stationed in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, a long way from home in San Antonio, Texas.  While in the service he met and married a beautiful auburn-haired contralto from the choir at church: Gloria Winifred Ball (Russell).

Ministry Man

He enlisted in the seminary right after the Army and found the ministry changed him.  He attended seminary in Corpus Christi and began his family.  Soon he was called by a tiny town in Upper Michigan to be their pastor. He hunted and fished and preached and worked hard to care for family.

mechanical man

Bob enlisted in mechanical work full time while also preaching full time in order to support his family. As the church grew so did his family, which eventually grew to four children. Many happy memories were made during the winters when Bob ran his snowmobile and the kids invented games.

God’s Man

During his later life Bob wanted to be known as “ God’s Man “.  He enlisted in becoming sweeter, more relaxed and he talked about what he would do when he got to heaven. The people that he helped came to see him as a kind man and thanked him for his kindnesses. He made efforts to make peace with his family and prayed for anybody that would sit still for it. He eventually came to look at his nursing home co-residents as his “congregation”. He did everything he could to be a good servant there. On Tuesday, January 29th,, 2019, the Master called him home, and he joined his lovely Gloria Winifred in Heaven.  A Memorial Service for Bob will be on June 7, 3:00pm-6:00pm at Agapé Ministries, Escanaba, Michigan.


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