A Memory Tribute to Robert E. Tighe

Janet, Dave, Lory, Kathleen, Colleen, Tom, Mike, Patty, Dan, Bobby and families - I would like to express my condolences to each of you. Due to several reasons, I just cannot break away on Monday to attend Bob's funeral, but wanted you all to know I would be thinking of each of you. Chris and I were talking about Bob tonight. Chris said the time Uncle Bob left the biggest impression on him was ironically the last few days of Chuck's life. Bob was of great comfort to the family during this time. He knew how important it was to his Janet to be with her brother during this difficult time. Bob was right there by her side. Please remember to be by each other's sides right now. It will make you all much stronger getting through this and the days to come. Thinking of you, Dawn Todd Brinker
Dawn Todd Brinker

Holland, MI

To the Tighe Family,
Your father Bob was a great man here on Earth.
When I was a young boy I would come over to your home and visit Dave. Bob always gave me the time of day and would listen to my stories and what I had to say as if I were the only one in the room that mattered. He would smile, laugh and ask questions always making me feel 100% welcome.
He will be missed greatly here on Earth, but will be one fantastic of an Angel in Heaven that we all need and could use!
Lee LeCaptain

Saint Cloud, Fl

Bob and I became aquatinted with each other through out involvement at St. Anne's Church. He truly was a very dedicated man in all aspects of his life. We would all tease him with his determination when pounding in the stakes in setting up the tents for the picnic. If they were not in perfect alignment we would have to pull out and maybe move them over a few inches.
I also worked with Bob in delivering the tickets for the Picnic to those members who didn't pick theirs up at the church. He and his wife took on this CHORE just the save the church paying for postage. He even delivered to a church member that lived at the Menominee County line on highway US 35. ( about 20 miles)
Bob will be GREATLY MISSED by many that were fortunate enough to have met him. He and Father Dishaw ( former pastor of St. Annes) can now discuss CHURCH matters and other topics. May God greet him as he enters the gates of Heaven!!!

Robert Mortel

Escanaba , Mi